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Deze grafiek toont de relatie tussen het diafragma, de sluitertijd, de ISO waarde en het licht dat op de sensor valt (LW = Lichtwaarde)



Table. Exposure values (ISO 100 speed) for various lighting conditions
Lighting ConditionEV100
Light sand or snow in full or slightly hazy sunlight (distinct shadows)a 16
Typical scene in full or slightly hazy sunlight (distinct shadows)a, b 15
Typical scene in hazy sunlight (soft shadows) 14
Typical scene, cloudy bright (no shadows) 13
Typical scene, heavy overcast 12
Areas in open shade, clear sunlight 12
Outdoor, Natural light
Clear sky background 15
Cloudy sky background 14
Sunsets and skylines
Just before sunset 12–14
At sunset 12
Just after sunset 9–11
The Moon,c altitude > 40°
Full 15
Gibbous 14
Quarter 13
Crescent 12
Moonlight, Moon altitude > 40°
Full −3 to −2
Gibbous −4
Quarter −6
Aurora borealis and australis
Bright −4 to −3
Medium −6 to −5
Outdoor, Artificial Light
Neon and other bright signs 9–10
Night sports 9
Fires and burning buildings 9
Bright street scenes 8
Night street scenes and window displays 7–8
Night vehicle traffic 5
Fairs and amusement parks 7
Christmas tree lights 4–5
Floodlit buildings, monuments, and fountains 3–5
Distant views of lighted buildings 2
Indoor, Artificial Light
Galleries 8–11
Sports events, stage shows, and the like 8–9
Circuses, floodlit 8
Ice shows, floodlit 9
Offices and work areas 7–8
Home interiors 5–7
Christmas tree lights 4–5